all a game, die like a star
Living your life playing the game while niggas starve
Got it goin on, wish we were there
Breaking all the rules while niggaz try to play fair
Ain’t nothing fair in this game of Life
You gotta get yours before you lose your life
The Game is designed for them to win
You think I’m lying visit the pen
They allready got a number reserved for your ass
Dont be a fool and enjoy their class
They want you to enroll in ther institution
So they can pimp you with their new form of prostitution
Wake up my niggas and hear me clear
Don’t be a slave to this game called fear
You got a mind, you got to use it
If you don’t they’ll abuse it
Don’t be a victim to their game
Learn the rules my Nigga an do the same
there’s lot more money on the other side
And my niggas you don’t have to run and you don’t have to hide



Author: thug2capsadmin


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