President Trump wants to hear your ideas and suggestions on how the government can be better organized to work for the American people.

Share your ideas below by June 12th!



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BTW this is a good a time as any to teach SHIFT+CLICK and CTRL/CMD + CLICK

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Hence “select as many as applicable” select all by clicking the first item on the list then scrolling to the bottom and while holding SHIFT click on the last item on the list.

I wrote:
“Right now there are so many “factions” within the US GOVT it makes me sick as an American.  We are supposed to be the land of the free the land of opportunity.  For generations we have been the melting pot but we have become another bloc state.  This is the time to decide between mankind and the state. . . essentially life and death… good vs evil.  We need America to support us as well as guide us while we defend her honor.  I think many QUOTE UNQUOTE “AMERICANS” are defending someone else’s honor entirely, but they know not what they do and are being misled.  Today we need to stand up and take our country back from foreign powers who wish to divvy up and break apart this great nation, whether it be physically, monetarily, emotionally, ideologically, or educationally.   We all know by now about the CIA’s running of black market ops for cash revenue stream to fund their true operations.  This has just got to stop.  They cannot be trusted as to what is in our best interest as has been clearly demonstrated time and time again and now recently with the release of the 0-Day EQGRP and Microsoft Office exploits, having prior knowledge etc.  I do not want my tax dollars funding trafficking/prostitution rings in order for the CIA to manipulate the money into larger sums to do what it deems is best with it.  The whole thing is crooked and stinks.  We need to get Monsanto out of the agriculture industry big time.  We need to get farmers who know what they are doing and give them the tools to operate in a safe and efficient manner.  There are thousands of kids who are better at hacking than most of the NSA it seems so why not pay them a modest 35k to do infosec?  Also I heard an idea of having military veterans streamlined into jobs in the security especially of schools etc dealing with children.  In my outside average american north east Boston opinion…. How can  we have so many groups that do such similar things stomping on each others toes?  I mean the CIA NSA FBI ATF etc alphabet agencies.  I believe everything is getting lost and jumbled up more like hidden from view and taxpayer’s dollars frivolously wasted.  We need police.  We need military.  We need intelligence security.  We also need to be transparent as possible.  Everything should be automatically uploaded to internet databases, not at the request of a FOIA applicant.  WE THE PEOPLE pay for government to exist and support us… yet there is such an air of superiority (not necessarily in President Trump’s Whitehouse administration, but more so I am speaking of all past administrations) and disrespect that is so obvious in the comments and actions of the political ruling class of elitist pigs.  I am not lumping President Trump into that category however as this form of public input is proof enough of how much I bet he already agrees with my stances on policy reform and transparency in government.  My best advice would be to create incentives to make people work for the good of the people.  I think it really is that simple.  We have a system right now that tends to reward harmful behavior whether that is planned or not is unimportant.  We have the power to fix it and make it better and right.  We have the power now to help every human being on this planet.  Each day we can do better and help our fellow human beings survive and not only survive but thrive and be happy and full of liberty.

OH YEAH END THE FED THAT MOTHERFUCKER SUCKS ASS@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”



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