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“We have keywords. They are – Electronic harassment, microwave audio, targeted individual, individuals, dew, directed energy weapon, weapons, laser, radar, radiation, audio, sound, ultrasound, infrasound, TI, Tis, exotic weapons, silent sound, government, nsa, cia, fbi, mossad, g4s, security, kroll, 911, mkultra, mind, mind control, gang stalking, gang stalkers, perps, perp, v2k, voice to skull, evidence, lawsuit, elf, ulf, uhf, vhf, heterodyning, ferromagnetic, cointelpro, aluminum, barium, chemtrails, zinc, drone, evp, morgellons, political, targeting, fungus, sensitizer, sensitizers, ultra wideband, powerline, 60 hz, ham radio, operator, frequencies, heterodyning

100% of Targeted Individuals have this infection. 100% of targets that I have worked with personally have this infection. After I got this stuff off my skin, 100% of my targeting symptoms went away.

Here’s the video –

The particles you will find within this film can be –
Red Specks
Blue Specks
Black specs that look like pepper
Short, Black, wiry fibers
clear / white fibers that resemble fiberglass
Other particles can be found as well. Document what you find when doing the treatment

Skin may look dark in areas due to being infested with these particles. It may look like a dark tan, a bruise on the elbow, dark spots on hips, feet, etc.” Continue reading “FUNGAL ANTENNA EMF MICROWAVE SILENT KILL + HOW TO GET RID OF IT — LOOKOUTFACHARLIE”

YouTube Creator Blog (behind the scenes it’s just googleblog…………)


Sooo.. let me explain…..

Recently I have been getting some more activity on my YT channel so I think I got bumped up a tier or something and now YouTube is constantly bombing me with these pop ups like hey do this!!!

I find the back end of google so interesting so I usually click around this stuff and explore even if I’m not interested in using the thing…


so today just now it gives me this and i’m like.. huh…. controlling comments?? “tools” for comments?? ok w/e let’s see:


Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 9.38.48 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 9.39.12 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-02 at 9.39.28 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-02 at 9.39.42 PM

Ok so yeah we all knew and saw the heart thing already and the colored name yada yada ok moderators yup we knew that… block words and phrases from comments for everyone????? …ok……. nazis….. and “Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review”….. ok…………………….. **coughNDAAcoughINDEFINITELYDETAINEDcough*** just sayin….


Bad look for Google/YouTube….


and the cherry on top is that it’s just a flimsy google blog site I find that so funny lol it’s like…

their innovation was to make everything look simple again and hit you with sly pop ups that make you think they are edgy and ahead of their time when really… it’s just a link to a fuckin google blog which to me screams that everything else we see is run the same way aka no coders at google just people who are designing api and apps for us with no coding background whatsoever uh huh ok sure thing google sounds good to me bruh yup whatever you say lets throw all coding programming knowledge out the window and stomp boots on the backs of the people we climb up upon to get to the top eh?


ok im done but seriously wtf fuck you googletube


edit: no i’m not done!   And if you try and comment on that blog it baits you into creating a Google+ Account!! LOL FUCK OFF YOU TWATS @GOOGLE






28 April, 2017

Today, April 28th 2017, WikiLeaks publishes the documentation and source code for CIA’s “Scribbles” project, a document-watermarking preprocessing system to embed “Web beacon”-style tags into documents that are likely to be copied by Insiders, Whistleblowers, Journalists or others. The released version (v1.0 RC1) is dated March, 1st 2016 and classified SECRET//ORCON/NOFORN until 2066.

Scribbles is intended for off-line preprocessing of Microsoft Office documents. For reasons of operational security the user guide demands that “[t]he Scribbles executable, parameter files, receipts and log files should not be installed on a target machine, nor left in a location where it might be collected by an adversary.”

According to the documentation, “the Scribbles document watermarking tool has been successfully tested on […] Microsoft Office 2013 (on Windows 8.1 x64), documents from Office versions 97-2016 (Office 95 documents will not work!) [and d]ocuments that are not be locked forms, encrypted, or password-protected”. But this limitation to Microsoft Office documents seems to create problems: “If the targeted end-user opens them up in a different application, such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice, the watermark images and URLs may be visible to the end-user. For this reason, always make sure that the host names and URL components are logically consistent with the original content. If you are concerned that the targeted end-user may open these documents in a non-Microsoft Office application, please take some test documents and evaluate them in the likely application before deploying them.”

Security researches and forensic experts will find more detailed information on how watermarks are applied to documents in the source code, which is included in this publication as a zipped archive.”  copied from wikileaks vault 7

MKULTRA from google group copied blogpost

within results
from google doc here https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/talk.politics.medicine/Mmg-9pRe0EA/zzfjDRY4uKUJ
Find ALL words: MKULTRA Documents
Found 25 documents, showing 1 – 10.
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… & Artichoke 3. MKULTRA Subprojects Bluebird & Artichoke 4. Book,
The CIA Under Harry Truman Descriptors: Central Intelligence Agency
(CIA) ## …
… concerning MKULTRA Sub-projects 86 and 140. Mar. 30, 1965 letter
describes “radio-active iodine uptake of the thyroid and T-4
uptake …
… Artichoke (pre-MKULTRA): e.g., “Defense Against Soviet Medical
Interrogation and Espionage Techniques. Descriptors: Experimental
Methods; …
… concerning project MKULTRA and LSD experiments. Descriptors:
Experiments; Human Subjects; Secrecy; Central Intelligence Agency
(CIA) ## CIA-051195 …
Collections are arranged by source in the following order: ACHRE
Advisory …
…-102094-A 1 document; 0.03 cu.ft. Source: Sandra Thomas and Gil
Whittemore (Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments)
Contents …
…-111794-A 1 document; 0.01 cu.ft. Source: Gil Whittemore (Advisory
Committee On Human Radiation Experiments) Collection: Federal
Register …
…-021095-A 1 document; 0.1 cu.ft. Source: Advisory Committee On
Human Radiation Experiments Contents Description: Transcript:
Interview with …
… Description: Documents provided to Committee Members and staff
during Hanford bus tour and briefings, 11/22/94. Includes: A Brief
History of …
http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/radiation/dir/mstreet/research/docs/precis.txtScience, Technology and the CIA
… free from folly. MKULTRA drug experiments resulted in the suicide
of an Army scientist. Poison pens and exploding seashells were
designed in a …
… program designated MKULTRA. Document 3 Letter, Edwin Land to Allen
Dulles, November 5, 1954 w/att: Memorandum for: Director of Central
Intelligence, …
… : 1947-1962 Document 1 Memorandum for the Record, Subject:
Responsibilities of the Office of Scientific Intelligence, November
29, 1951, 2 …
… intelligence. Document 2 CIA, Memorandum for the Record, Subject:
Project ARTICHOKE, January 31, 1975, 5 pp. Source: John Marks Donation
Among …
… MKULTRA. Document 3 Letter, Edwin Land to Allen Dulles, November
5, 1954 w/att: Memorandum for: Director of Central Intelligence,
Subject …
… operation today. Document 4 Herbert I. Miller, Memorandum for:
Project Director, Subject: Suggestions re the Intelligence Value of
… full page Jump to documents Mention of the Central Intelligence
Agency generally elicits visions of espionage and covert action
operations. It may …
… The following documents were obtained as part of the research for
The Wizards of Langley: Inside the CIA’s Directorate of Science
and …
… reading List of Documents Note: The following documents are in PDF
format. You will need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat
Reader to …

Science, Technology and the CIA
… free from folly. MKULTRA drug experiments resulted in the suicide
of an Army scientist. Poison pens and exploding seashells were
designed in a …
… program designated MKULTRA. Document 3 Letter, Edwin Land to Allen
Dulles, November 5, 1954 w/att: Memorandum for: Director of Central
Intelligence, …
… : 1947-1962 Document 1 Memorandum for the Record, Subject:
Responsibilities of the Office of Scientific Intelligence, November
29, 1951, 2 …
… intelligence. Document 2 CIA, Memorandum for the Record, Subject:
Project ARTICHOKE, January 31, 1975, 5 pp. Source: John Marks Donation
Among …
… MKULTRA. Document 3 Letter, Edwin Land to Allen Dulles, November
5, 1954 w/att: Memorandum for: Director of Central Intelligence,
Subject …
… operation today. Document 4 Herbert I. Miller, Memorandum for:
Project Director, Subject: Suggestions re the Intelligence Value of
… this page Jump to documents Mention of the Central Intelligence
Agency generally elicits visions of espionage and covert action
operations. It may …
… The following documents were obtained as part of the research for
The Wizards of Langley: Inside the CIA’s Directorate of Science
and …
… reading List of Documents Note: The following documents are in PDF
format. You will need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat
Reader to …

… in the CIA for MKULTRA. I gather that there were no ethics
standards in that agency — it does say it’s an agency in its title —
at the time, …
… to Overall Document Discussion 71 Lunch Break Open Discussion
Bullet-by-bullet on Government Culpability 99 Medical Profession/ …
… have this huge document now which includes everything we’ve got
from beginning to end. I’ll apologize in advance to all of us for the
impossible …
… reading that this document suggests within the time frame that we
got it. There just was no other way to do it. I really want to express
on the …
… march through the document, such as it is. We’ve identified for
agenda discussion, particular chapters that really need Committee
discussion, …
… and read it in documents that you have. So, stop us from being in
anymore pain. We have laid the cards on the table and you have also
done so. …
… told that those documents had been destroyed. (1) Monthly
dosimetry report from San Francisco Naval Shipyard including 128
names, rates, total …
… in the morass of documents and interviews and so on that they have
available to them. Because in fairness to the press — and it’s early.
We …
… record, we have documents that — you all know in greater detail
than I do — that say that committees issued statements, for example,
about …

… TSD ran Project MKULTRA, discussed below. Human experimentation
was done prior to MKULTRA by OSI and the Office of Security and, after
… was done prior to MKULTRA by OSI and the Office of Security and,
after MKULTRA, by ORD. Experiments To date, CIA has found no records
or other …
… and, after MKULTRA, by ORD. Experiments To date, CIA has found no
records or other information indicating that it conducted or
sponsored …
… quite clearly that MKULTRA was a program “concerned with research
and development of chemical, biological, and radiological materials
capable of …
… in the MKULTRA document except for radiation. [3] The agency also
noted that most of the MKULTRA records were deliberately destroyed in
1973 by …
… the agency found a document that summarized work done for
ARTICHOKE, which states that “[i]n addition to hypnosis, chemical and
psychiatric research, …
… from this document that radiation was explored on humans directly,
it makes clear that CIA did “explore” radiation as a possibility for
the …
… they found another document in which the possibility of using
“ultrasonics and other radiant energy” was proposed and rejected. This
suggestion, …
… 34 million documents, a manual review of 480,300 documents, and
nearly 50 interviews. CIA also stated that it had found no
documents …

… report on Project MKULTRA, which was a program “concerned with
research and development of chemical, biological, and radiological
materials capable …
… human behavior.” MKULTRA was the subject of extensive internal,
congressional, and outside investigations in the 1970s. In 1973, the
… most of the MKULTRA files concerning its research and testing on
human behavior. In 1977, the agency uncovered additional MKULTRA files
in …
… additional MKULTRA files in the budget and fiscal records that
were not indexed under the name MKULTRA. These documents detailed over
150 …
… or other working document prepared for the members of the Advisory
Committee on Human Radiation Experiments. It should not be construed
as …
… Agency Document Search This initial report provides: (1)
background on the Central Intelligence Agency, its involvement with
human …
… 1976. Part of one document is currently classified, and the agency
is attempting to declassify it [Attachment 2.] 4. Observations and …
… States: i.e., if a document referred solely to foreign activities
not including the United States, it would not have surfaced. (Soviet
atomic bomb …
… MKULTRA. These documents detailed over 150 subprojects that the
CIA funded in this area, but no evidence was uncovered at that time
concerning …

… One is the MKULTRA records where it’s being singled out, because
there was an admitted story whereas the CIA — and it’s declassified
— …
… whatever about MKULTRA. You still have — CHAIRMAN FADEN: Gary has
submitted, in response from queries from several Committee members
about why …
… point is that MKULTRA has got a special significance. The second
point is that it’s not a singling it out, the way at least the staff
used it. …
… of the remaining MKULTRA stuff — MS. KING: Now what is — That
was my second question. What’s the basis of that recommendation? Let’s
be clear …
… as a wonderful document, and it leaves all these issues out. You
haven’t seen it? CHAIRPERSON FADEN: No. DR. KATZ: I do not know, but
it is — …
… there’s a written document — I think it’s probably 20 or 30 pages
long, and you have to take a multiple choice test after having read
that written …
… read that written document to demonstrate that you have some level
of comprehension of what the 30 pages said. And I guess I don’t
understand why …
… be a 30 page document that was developed about the ethics of human
research, and why there couldn’t be this multiple choice question, and
why, …
… two categories of documents that clearly need to be in there. One
is environmental impact statement. The other is permitting documents
that are …

… — ” The MKULTRA. The CIA, DoD — PROFESSOR KING: But didn’t
MKULTRA come out many years after — DR. FADEN: It came out in the
’70s. …
… KING: But didn’t MKULTRA come out many years after — DR. FADEN:
It came out in the ’70s. PROFESSOR KING: And if I remember correctly,
wasn’t it …
… was a remarkable document — I’m pretty sure we gave you what we
had at the time. As I recall, the most interesting statement was by
Dr. Stakeman, …
… , we’ll get you the document. I don’t know that it resolves the
–. DR. FADEN: Henry, I’m putting myself on the line. Henry, Pat —
and then I’m …
… remembering from a document I might have read a year ago, but
these numbers are available. For preparation for the Hanford Thyroid
Study, …
… we don’t have a document that says it was taken into
consideration. DR. GOODMAN: Well, the other point about that is that
people, as I discussed …
… safety until more documents come out. And he apparently was a
public information officer in relation to the Nevada Test, and so this
was made in …
… we don’t have any documents that bear on their reasoning process,
right? DR. GOODMAN: Right. DR. FADEN: So we don’t know what they did,
so we …
… Because we have no documents available. All we know is that they
did it. We presume they did it because they thought the benefits
outweighed the …

… , particularly the MKULTRA program. MKULTRA, according to the
investigators, authorized Agency officials to explore “additional
avenues to the …
… MKULTRA program. MKULTRA, according to the investigators,
authorized Agency officials to explore “additional avenues to the
control of human …
… determine whether MKULTRA researchers actually experimented with
radiation. No one associated with MKULTRA or the investigations of the
1970s …
… associated with MKULTRA or the investigations of the 1970s
recalled why the word “radiation” was used by the Rockefeller and
Church reports. We …
… be maintained to document research activities. However, this
policy was not instituted until 1960 and not incorporated into a
manual until 1970. …
… a top priority its documents search and records dissemination to
the Advisory Committee, Congress, and the public. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY
… destruction of documents and to identify all pertinent records and
information relating to human radiation experiments in the
Department’s …
… will also retrieve documents that have been previously identified
and placed in public reading rooms. Team members have visited the
Albuquerque …
… of over 1,000 documents pertaining to human radiation experiments.
The Headquarters Information Center has over 1,300 documents as a
result of …

… that’s given with MKULTRA. We’re talking about something that’s
very easy to have cause and effect relationship and I think that’s a
misleading …
… by including the MKULTRA example, that it’s going to mislead the
public into believing that causation is going to — DR. FADEN: If you
know the …
… the criteria, the MKULTRA experimentation example of a private
bill, they should go to Congress and ask for money. I don’t think that
we should …
… using an example, MKULTRA — DR. FADEN: They were experiments, but
you’re right. MS. NORRIS: They were radiation — DR. FADEN: They
were …
… about patterns, document patterns. Not with the institutions being
identified who submitted protocols to us and that troubles me a bit.
DR. …
… have a completed document soon. I think the committee has to
review it and decide if they agree that it’s in the state that they
want, but I would …
… commentary on the document collections, how we got them, what we
have, Jim David’s blow by blow and every record group in the universe,
etc. etc. …
… to me that this document is directed towards the public. It does
seem to me that there should be a few chapters about the risk of
research and …
… a vast array of documents that speak to the past and we have gone
over them and are going over them in exquisite detail. What about the
present? …
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List of MKULTRA Unclassified Documents
(including subprojects) 

This information was transcribed from faxes and brochures which are
available from the National Security Archive.

Please note that the documents listed are only those requested by John
Marks for research purposes. Some of the information in the released
documents has been verified, other information has not. Also please
note that there have been some transciption errors.


About the Archive Library

The National Security Archive
Gelman Library, The George Washington University
2130 H Street, N.W., Suite 701
Washington, D.C. 20037
Phone: 202/994-7000
Fax: 202/994-7005
The National Security Archive is a non-governmental research institute
and library that collects and publishes declassified documents
obtained through the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, a public
interest law firm defending and expanding public access to government
information through the FOIA, and an indexer and publisher of the
documents in books, microfische, and electronic formats.

The National Security Archive was founded in 1985 by a group of
journalists and scholars who had obtained documentation under the FOIA
and sought a centralized repository for these materials. Over the past
twelve years, the Archive has become the world’s largest non-
governmental library of declassified documents.

This is the inventory list of donated materials in the National
Security Archive’s collection, from John Marks’ FOIA request results
which he used to do research for his book The Search For The
Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control, The Secret History of
the Behavioral Sciences. (1979) W. W. Norton, published as Norton
paperback in 1991, ISBN 0-393-30794-8).


INVENTORY: CIA Behavior Experiments Collection (John Marks Donation)

Date Range: 1940s-1970s


Box #1 – Artichoke Documents–MKULTRA DOCS 1-57

Burch, Dr. Neil/LSD and the Air Force: Smithsonian: Index and
Institutional Notifications
Subproject 1: MKULTRA: Plants Isolation and Characterization of Rivea
Subproject 2: MKULTRA: Drugs
Subproject 3: MKULTRA: Testing
Subproject 4: MKULTRA: Mulholland’s Manual
Subproject 5a: MKULTRA
Subproject 5b: MKULTRA: Denver University Hypnosis
Subproject 6: MKULTRA: Testing of Plants by HEF
Subproject 7: MKULTRA: Funding; ONR Probably Abramson
Subproject 8: MKULTRA: Boston Psychopathic Hospital
Subproject 9: MKULTRA: Depressants, Schizophrenics, Alcoholics
Subproject 10: MKULTRA: Personality Assessment
Subproject 11: MKULTRA: Botanicals Popkin (Documents and articles on
Luis Angel Castillo)
Subproject 12: MKULTRA: Financial Records
Subproject 13: MKULTRA: CIA Support to Fort Detrick
Subproject 14: MKULTRA: Paying Bureau of Narcotics for White
Subproject 15: MKULTRA: Magic Support; Mulholland Supplement
Subproject 16: MKULTRA: Testing Apartment Rental
Subproject 17: MKULTRA: LSD Studies of [excised] University
Subproject 19: MKULTRA: Magic Manual
Subproject 20: MKULTRA: Synthesis Derivative of Yohimbine
Subproject 21: MKULTRA: Defector Study: originally Drug Study
Subproject 22: MKULTRA: William Cook and Co. Research: Amanita
Muscaria, Rivea Corymbosa
Subproject 26: MKULTRA: Pfeiffer, Finances
Subproject 27: MKULTRA: ONR Funding, LSD Research
Subproject 28: MKULTRA: Pfeiffer
Subproject 30: MKULTRA: Fort Detrick (1)
Subproject 30: MKULTRA: Fort Detrick (2)
Subproject 30: MKULTRA: Fort Detrick (3)
Subproject 31: MKULTRA: Manufacture of Drugs by Pellow Wease Chemical
Subproject 32: MKULTRA: Collection of Plants
Subproject 33: MKULTRA: Collection of 400 for SUBPR #27
Subproject 34: MKULTRA: More Support to Magic
Subproject 35: MKULTRA: Georgetown Hospital: Geschichter
Subproject 36: MKULTRA: Cuba Chapter Conference, Consultant,
Subproject involving getting a man on a diverted freighter
Subproject 37: MKULTRA: Collection of Botanicals
Subproject 38: MKULTRA
Subproject 39: MKULTRA: Iowa State Hospital (and Ionia)
Subproject 40: MKULTRA: Funding, Probably Abrams LSD Research


Box #2

Subproject 42: MKULTRA: Safehouse Chapter 7: MKULTRA Interview Notes
White, George Hunter Dope Traffickers’ Nemesis
Subproject 43: MKULTRA: Combination drug, Hypnosis, Sensory
Subproject 44: MKULTRA: Testing of Aromatic Amines at University of
Subproject 45: MKULTRA: Knockout, Stress, Cancer
Subproject 46: MKULTRA: Rochester LSD Drugs
Subproject 47: MKULTRA: Pfeiffer Atlanta
Subproject 47: MKULTRA: (1) Pfeiffer Atlanta/Bordertown
Subproject 48: MKULTRA: HEF Cornell Relationship: Artichoke Team
Proposals and Reports
Subproject 49: MKULTRA: Hypnosis at [excised] University
Subproject 50: MKULTRA: CIA Imprest Fund for $500
Subproject 51: MKULTRA: (1) Moore Collecting Botanicals
Subproject 52: MKULTRA: (2) Moore Collecting Botanicals
Subproject 53: MKULTRA: (3) Moore Collecting Botanicals
Subproject 53: MKULTRA: Review Pharmacological lit.
Subproject 54: MKULTRA: Brain Concussion
Subproject 55: MKULTRA: Unwitting Drug Tests at [excised] University
Subproject 56: MKULTRA: Studies on Alcohol, Stanford Medical school
Subproject 57: MKULTRA: Sleep and Insomnia at GW: MKULTRA: Lloyd Gould
Subproject 57: MKULTRA: Sleep


Box # 3

C-30 Project MUDHEN Jack Anderson
MKULTRA –To File: Massachusetts (Bibliographic Citations, articles on
mind control experiments in Massachusetts): John Jacobs’ Kentucky
Subproject 58: MKULTRA: J. P. Morgan and Co. (see Wasson file) Agency
Policy and Conferences
Subproject 59: MKULTRA: Unwitting Drug Tests at University of Maryland
Subproject 60: MKULTRA: Human Ecology
Subproject 61: MKULTRA
Subproject 62: MKULTRA: Consulting Work in Isolation/Electric Shock/
CNS Drugs
Subproject 63: MKULTRA: (1) Drugs and Alcohol (Butler)
Subproject 64: MKULTRA: Drugs
Subproject 65: MKULTRA: Hungarian Refugees
Subproject 66: MKULTRA: Alcohol and Drug Study
Subproject 67: MKULTRA: CIA Use of Institutes Facilities — University
of Indiana
Subproject 69: MKULTRA: Rutgers
Subproject 70: MKULTRA: “Knockout”
Subproject 71: MKULTRA: Dr. Wallace Chan at Stanford University
Testing Drugs
Subproject 72: MKULTRA: Testing Drugs for Effects on Central Nervous
Subproject 73: MKULTRA: University of Kentucky: Narcotics Farms, Narco-
Subproject 74: MKULTRA: Small HEF Subproject (1)
Subproject 74: MKULTRA: Small HEF Subproject (2)
Subproject 75: MKULTRA: Mass. Mental Health (by Project number of
master list)
Subproject 77: MKULTRA: Biological Lab (1)
Subproject 78: MKULTRA: Biological Lab (2)
Subproject 78: MKULTRA: Biological Lab (3)
Subproject 78: MKULTRA: Biological Lab (4)
Subproject 78: MKULTRA: Biological Lab (5)
Subproject 78: MKULTRA: Biological Lab (6)


Box # 4

Document Indexes, Abstracts, and Documents
Subproject 79: MKULTRA: Cutout for Funding Research of a “sensible
Subproject 80: MKULTRA
Subproject 81: MKULTRA: Cornell–Extension of Hinkle–Wolf
Subproject 82: MKULTRA: Hungarian Refugees
Subproject 83: MKULTRA: Graphology Journal and Cover
Subproject 84: MKULTRA: Hypnosis Work
Subproject 85: MKULTRA: Stanford Medical School
Subproject 86: MKULTRA: Stanford Medical School: Telecontrol
Subproject 87: MKULTRA: Hyper -Allergic Substances
Subproject 88: MKULTRA: Cultural Appraisal
Subproject 89: MKULTRA: Hungarian Repatriation
Subproject 90: MKULTRA: MIT–A. J. Wiener
Subproject 91: MKULTRA: Drug Testing and Screening of Animals
Subproject 92: MKULTRA: Teaching Machine for Foreign Languages
Subproject 93: MKULTRA: Toxin Study–Cuba Chapter
Subproject 94: MKULTRA
Subproject 95: MKULTRA: Osgood
Subproject 96: MKULTRA: George Kelly
Subproject 97: MKULTRA: Schizophrenics Psychotherapy
Subproject 98: MKULTRA: Mass Conversion Study: Queens College
Subproject 99: MKULTRA: Optics mixed with Biological Warfare–Cuba
Subproject 100: MKULTRA: CBW Penn State
Subproject 101: MKULTRA: Biophysics of Central Nervous System
Subproject 102: MKULTRA: Adolescent Gangs
Subproject 103: MKULTRA: Children’s Summer Camps
Subproject 104: MKULTRA: Sabotage of Petroleum
Subproject 105: MKULTRA: CBW, Disease
Subproject 106: MKULTRA: Electrodes, Russian Study
Subproject 109: MKULTRA: Drugs-CBW Testing
Subproject 110: MKULTRA: CBW MKNAOMI
Subproject 112: MKULTRA: Vocational Studies in Children
Subproject 113: MKULTRA: Gas Sprays and Aerosols
Subproject 114: MKULTRA: Alcohol Study
Subproject 115: MKULTRA: Mentally Disturbed and Environment
Subproject 116: MKULTRA: Lab
Subproject 117: MKULTRA: Cultural Influences on Children
Subproject 118: MKULTRA: Microbiology–Penn State
Subproject 119: MKULTRA: Telecontrol–Texas Christian
Subproject 120: MKULTRA Drug Research
Subproject 121: MKULTRA: Witch Doctor study-Dr. Raymond Prince–
McGill University
Subproject 122: MKULTRA: Study of Neurokinin
Subproject 123: MKULTRA: African Attitude Study
Subproject 124: MKULTRA: African Attitude Study
Subproject 125: MKULTRA: CO2 and Acid Base Research
Subproject 126: MKULTRA: Work on Placebos and Drugs
Subproject 127: MKULTRA: Disaster/Stress Study
Subproject 128: MKULTRA: Rapid Hypnotic Induction
Subproject 130: MKULTRA: Personality Theory, David Saunders/William
Thetford; Columbia Univ.


Box # 5

Subproject 131: MKULTRA
Subproject 132: MKULTRA: Safe House — Not San Francisco
Subproject 133: MKULTRA: Safe House — Not San Francisco
Subproject 134: MKULTRA: Correlation Of Physique and Personality done
by Haronian in New Jersey — Human Ecology
Subproject 135: MKULTRA: Testing on Volunteers
Subproject 136: MKULTRA: ESP Research
Subproject 137: MKULTRA: Handwriting Analysis, Dr. Klare G Toman-HEF
Subproject 139: MKULTRA: Bird Disease Studies at Penn State
Subproject 140: MKULTRA: human Voluntary Drug Testing
Subproject 141: MKULTRA: Unknown
Subproject 142: MKULTRA: Unknown
Subproject 143: MKULTRA CBW/Bacteria University of Houston
Subproject 144: MKULTRA
Subproject 145: MKULTRA
Subproject 146: MKULTRA
Subproject 147: MKULTRA: Psychometric Drugs THC
Subproject 148: MKULTRA: (1) Marijuana Research
Subproject 148: MKULTRA: (2) Marijuana Research
Subproject 149: MKULTRA: George White and Federal Bureau of Narcotics
MKULTRA APE A and B–Funding Mechanisms for MKULTRA
ARTICHOKE Docs 38-461 (2)
ARTICHOKE Docs 156-199
ARTICHOKE Docs 200-310 (1)
ARTICHOKE Docs 200-310 (2)
ARTICHOKE Docs 200-310 (1)
ARTICHOKE Docs 200-310 (2)
ARTICHOKE Docs 311-340
ARTICHOKE Docs 362-388
ARTICHOKE Docs 388-461
MKSEARCH 6 (continuation of MKULTRA 62)
MKSEARCH 2 (continues BW Lab, MKULTRA 78)
MKSEARCH Docs S-2 (BW Lab)
MKSEARCH Docs S-8 (Phase out of work done on schizophrenics probably
by Pfeiffer)
MKSEARCH Basic Documents
Unlabeled Accordion File–primarily MKULTRA: Subproject 42
Unlabeled Accordion File–Financial records, checks


Box # 6

MKSEARCH 6 Discontinuation of Geschichter Fund for Medical Research
MKSEARCH 4 – Bureau of Narcotics Safehouse
MKSEARCH 3 – Testing at Vacaville, Hamilton
MKSEARCH S-3 Vacaville (1)
MKSEARCH S-3 Vacaville (2)
Lexington: Air Force: Alcohol: Amnesia: Animals: David Anthony:ARPA
Subproject 107: MKULTRA: American Psychological Association: Army
Testing: Assassination: Raymond A. Bauer: Berlin Poison Case:
Biometric Lab: Biophysical Measurements: Beecher (Henry K.):
ARTICHOKE Docs 59-155: Bordentown New Jersey Reformatory: Boston
Psychopathic (Hyde-Massachusetts Mental Hospital): Brain Studies:
Brainwashing (1): Brainwashing (2): Project Calling Card: John Marks
Chapter 6 Conclusions: Chadwell, W.H.: CBW Work File: Dr. Wallace
Chan: Cold War Late 1953-1955 (1): Cold War Late 1953-1955 (2):
Communist Control Techniques VII: Cold War Docs (1) (Project
Artichoke, Bluebird): Cold War Docs (2): Control of Behavior —
General: Cybernetics: Defectors: University of Denver: Destruction of
Files: Diseases: Drug Research and Operations Diseases: Drug Research
and Operations: Drugs: Documents ARTICHOKE: Drugs: ARTICHOKE: Drugs:
ARTICHOKE (2): Drugs: Subprojects


Box # 7

Ethics: Federal Penitentiary — Atlanta: Fisher Scientific Company:
Flickering Lights: FOIA Important Documents (FOIA correspondence and
Court DocumeRnts for suit against the CIA):Freedom of Info Act
requests (1): Freedom of Info Act requests (2): Foreign Countries:
Heath: Foreign Liaison: Friends of McGill University, Inc.: Ft.
Detrick: Joan Gavin: Genetics: George Washington University:
Geschichter Fund: Unlabeled File –MKULTRA Subprojects: Government
Agencies: Graduate students: Grifford: Handwriting Hardenberg:
Hearings: Hinkle: History: Hospitals: Hungarian Projects: (Defectors,
Refugees): Edward Hunter: Hypnosis 50-53: Hypnosis, Cold War period:
Hypnosis – Literature: Hypnosis Hypnosis – C I:: Hypnosis Documents
(1): Subproject ARTICHOKE: Hypnosis Documents (2): Subproject
ARTICHOKE: Hypospray: Inspector General: University of Illinois:
Internal Revenue Service: Iowa State Hospital, Ionia State Hospital,
Michigan: Ittleson Foundation: IVY Research Lab: Johns Hopkins
University: Juicy Quotes: Lyman Kirkpatrick: John Lilly: Lovell
Chemical Company: Lovell: Lowinger: LSD – Counterculture: LSD – (Old
Sandoz File): LSD (1): LSD (2)


Box # 8

Magic: Mulholland: George Merck: University of Minnesota:
Miscellaneous: MKDELTA: ARTICHOKE Docs/Clips: MKDELTA Subprojects:
James A. Moore: MKNOOM: Mulholland: Mushrooms — Chapter 8: Naval
Research, Military Side — Chapter 14: Oatis Case: Often/Chickwit:
Ohio State University: Operation Paperclip: Organizational Structure:
ORD: World War II: Martin Orne: Parapsychology (Limited discussion on
EMR research also): The Application of Tesla’s Technology in Today’s


Box # 9

(Original Box 13– not copied as of 7/2/93) Press Conferences
(Excerpts from documents): Pfeiffer Subproject 47: Penn State
(clippings): Placebos: Pfeiffer, Carl C.: Pharmaceutical Houses:
Polygraph: POW: Prince– Witch Doctor Study: Prisoners — Documents
Prisoners-Mental Patients (clippings): Private Company: Programming:
Prouty: Psychological Assessment: Research and Development Study by
Edgewood Arsenal: Personality Assessment — OSS (Clippings, Book
Chapters, Interview Notes): Psychical Research Foundation: Psycho-
Pharmacology: Psychosurgery: Psychosurgery (2) (clippings): Max
Rinkel: Public Health Service: Puerto Rican Study: Recent Agency
Policy on Experimentation: Recent Events in Defense Department
(Includes document from Siemmer): Project Revere: RHIC-Edom Files
(Clippings): Chapter 7 — Safehouse (draft manuscript?): Safehouse
Working File (personal notes): Safehouses (Documents): Schein
(clipping): Schultes (clippings, notes): Sensory Deprivation (primary
clippings): Schultes (clippings, notes): Chapter 7 — Safehouses–


Box # 10

CIA Behavior Modification Reports: Side Tone Delay Device II:
Incapacitation — Non-Lethal: 4 Assessment: Sleep Knockout Drug
(clippings): Alexander H. Smith (clippings): Soil Microbiology:
Sonics: Stanford: Team Exp. 1: Technical Assistance: ARTICHOKE:
Technologies: Toxic Psychic States: Ultra Sonics/Sonics: Tradecraft:
Universities (clippings): Wasson, Robert Gordon (notes, clippings):
Wendt: White TD Docs: Harold Wolff (clippings): Documents to File
(miscellaneous topics)


Box # 11

Sleep Learning: Interrogation: Electric Fish and Animal Radar 1/3:
Electric Fish and Animal Radar 2/3: Electric Fish and Animal Radar
3/3: Plants, Sleep Machine, ESB and Sleep, Biocommunications and
Bioelectronics: History of Program: Animal ESB: Toxicity in mice 1/4:
Toxicity in mice 2/4: Toxicity in mice 3/4: Toxicity in mice 4/4


Box # 12

Index Cards

MK ULTRA ’77 hearing

AUGUST 3, 1977
At least one death, that of Dr. Olson, resulted from these activities. The
Agency itself acknowledged that these tests made little scientific sense.
The agents doing the monitoring were not qualified scientific observers.
The tests subjects were seldom accessible beyond the first hours of the
test. In a number of instances, the test subject became ill for hours or days,
and effective followup was impossible.
Other experiments were equally offensive. For example, heroin addicts
were enticed into participating in LSD experiments in order to get a
reward — heroin.
Perhaps most disturbing of all was the fact that the extent of
experimentation on human subjects was unknown. The records of all these
activities were destroyed in January 1973, at the instruction of then CIA
Director Richard Helms. In spite of persistent inquiries by both the Health
Subcommittee and the Intelligence Committee, no additional records or
information were forthcoming. And no one — no single individual — could
be found who remembered the details, not the Director of the CIA, who
ordered the documents destroyed, not the official responsible for the
program, nor any of his associates
We believed that the record, incomplete as it was, was as complete as it
was going to be. Then one individual, through a Freedom of Information
request, accomplished what two U.S. Senate committees could not. He
spurred the agency into finding additional records pertaining to the CIA’s
program of experimentation with human subjects. These new records were
discovered by the agency in March. Their existence was not made known
to the Congress until July.
The records reveal a far more extensive series of experiments than had
previously been thought. Eighty-six universities or institutions were
involved. New instances of unethical behavior were revealed.
The intelligence community of this Nation, which requires a shroud of
secrecy in order to operate, has a very sacred trust from the American
people. The CIA’s program of human experimentation of the fifties and
sixties violated that trust. It was violated again on the day the bulk of the
agency’s records were destroyed in 1973. It is violated each time a
responsible official refuses to recollect the details of the program. The best
safeguard against abuses in the future is a complete public accounting of
the abuses of the past.
I think this is illustrated, as Chairman Inouye pointed out. These are
issues, are questions that happened in the fifties and sixties, and go back
some 15, 20 years ago, but they are front page news today, as we see in
the major newspapers and on the television and in the media of this
country; and the reason they are, I think, is because it just continuously
begins to trickle out, sort of, month after month, and the best way to put
this period behind us, obviously, is to have the full information, and I
think that is the desire of Admiral Turner and of the members of this
The Central Intelligence Agency drugged American citizens without their
knowledge or consent. It used university facilities and personnel without
their knowledge. It funded leading researchers, often without their
These institutes, these individuals, have a right to know who they are and
how and when they were used. As of today, the Agency itself refuses to
declassify the names of those institutions and individuals, quite
appropriately, I might say, with regard to the individuals under the Privacy
Act. It seems to me to be a fundamental responsibility to notify those
individuals or institutions, rather. I think many of them were caught up in
an unwitting manner to do research for the Agency. Many researchers,
distinguished researchers, some of our most outstanding members of our
scientific community, involved in this network, now really do not know whether they were involved or not,and it seems to me that the whole health and climate in terms of our
university and our scientific and health facilities are entitled to that
So, I intend to do all I can to persuade the Agency to, at the very least,
officially inform those institutions and individuals involved.
Two years ago, when these abuses were first revealed, I introduced
legislation, with Senator Schweiker and Senator Javits, designed to
minimize the potential for any similar abuses in the future. That legislation
expanded the jurisdiction of the National Commission on Human Subjects
of Biomedical and Behavioral Research to cover all federally funded
research involving human subjects. The research initially was just directed
toward HEW activities, but this legislation covered DOD as well as the
This Nation has a biomedical and behavioral research capability second to
none. It has had for subjects of HEW funded research for the past 3 years a
system for the protection of human subjects of biomedical research second
to none, and the Human Experimentation Commission has proven its
value. Today’s hearings and the record already established underscore the
need to expand its jurisdiction.
The CIA supported that legislation in 1975, and it passed the Senate
unanimously last year. I believe it is needed in order to assure all our
people that they will have the degree of protection in human
experimentation that they deserve and have every right to expect.
Senator INOUYE. Thank you very much. Now we will proceed with the
hearings. Admiral Turner?
[The prepared statement of Admiral Turner follows.]
Project MKULTRA, The CIA’s Program
Of Research In Behavioral Modification
Prepared Statement of Admiral Stansfield Turner,
Director of Central Intelligence
Mr. Chairman: In my letter to you of July 15, 1977, I reported our recent
discovery of seven boxes of documents related to Project MKULTRA, a
closely held CIA project conducted from 1953-1964. As you may recall,
MKULTRA was an “umbrella project” under which certain sensitive
subprojects were funded, involving among other things research on drugs
and behavioral modification. During the Rockefeller Commission and
Church Committee investigations in 1975, the cryptonym became publicly
known when details of the drug-related death of Dr. Frank Olsen were
publicized. In 1953 Dr. Olsen, a civilian employee of the Army at Fort
Detrick, leaped to his death from a hotel room window in New York City
about a week after having unwittingly consumed LSD administered to him
as an experiment at a meeting of LSD researchers called by CIA.
Most of what was known about the Agency’s involvement with behavioral
drugs during the investigations in 1975 was contained in a report on
Project MKULTRA prepared by the Inspector General’s office in 1963. As
a result of that report’s recommendations, unwitting testing of drugs on
U.S. citizens was subsequently discontinued. The MKULTRA-related
report was made available to the Church Committee investigators and to
the staff of Senator Kennedy’s Subcommittee on Health. Until the recent
discovery, it was believed that all of the MKULTRA files dealing with
behavioral modification had been destroyed in 1973 on the orders of the
then retiring Chief of the Office of Technical Service, with the
authorization of the DCI, as has been previously reported. Almost all of
the people who had had any connection with the aspects of the project
which interested Senate investigators in 1975 were no longer with the
Agency at that time. Thus, there was little detailed knowledge of the
MKULTRA subprojects available to CIA during the Church Committee
investigations. This lack of available details, moreover, was probably not
wholly attributable to the destruction of MKULTRA files in 1973; the 1963 report on MKULTRA
by the Inspector General notes on page 14: “Present practice is to maintain
no records of the planning and approval of test programs.”
When I reported to you last on this matter, my staff had not yet had an
opportunity to review the newly located material in depth. This has now
been accomplished, and I am in a position to give you a description of the
contents of the recovered material. I believe you will be most interested in
the following aspects of the recent discovery:
How the material was discovered and why it was not previously found;
The nature of this recently located material;
How much new information there is in the material which may not
have been previously known and reported to Senate investigators; and
What we believe the most significant aspects of this find to be.
To begin, as to how we discovered these materials. The material had been
sent to our Retired Records Center outside of Washington and was
discovered sent to our Retired Records Center outside of Washington and
was discovered there as a result of the extensive search efforts of an
employee charged with responsibility for maintaining our holdings on
behavioral drugs and for responding to Freedom of Information Act
requests on this subject. During the Church Committee investigation in
1975, searches for MKULTRA-related material were made by examining
both the active and retired records of all branches of CIA considered at all
likely to have had association with MKULTRA documents. The retired
records of the Budget and Fiscal Section of the Branch responsible for
such work were not searched, however. This was because financial papers
associated with sensitive projects such s MKULTRA were normally
maintained by the Branch itself under the project file, not by the Budget
and Fiscal Section. In the case at hand, however, the newly located
material was sent to the Retired Records Center in 1970 by the Budget and
Fiscal Section as part of its own retired holdings. The reason for this
departure from normal procedure is not known. As a result of it, however,
the material escaped retrieval and destruction in 1973 by the then-retiring
Director of the Office as well as discovery in 1975 by CIA officials
responding to Senate investigators.
The employee who located this material did so by leaving no stone
unturned in his efforts to respond to FOIA requests. He reviewed all
listings of material of this Branch stored at the Retired Records Center,
including those of the Budget and Fiscal Section and, thus, discovered the
MKULTRA-related documents which had been missed in the previous
searches. In sum, the Agency failed to uncover these particular documents
in 1973 in the process of attempting to destroy them; it similarly failed to.
$11,000 was involved during this period 1953-1960: 3 subprojects.
Single subprojects in such areas as effects of electro-shock, harassment
techniques for offensive use, analysis of extrasensory perception, gas
propelled sprays and aerosols, and four subprojects involving crop and
material sabotage.
One or two subprojects on each of the following:
“Blood Grouping” research, controlling the activity of animals, energy
storage and transfer in organic systems; and
stimulus and response in biological systems.
Three subprojects canceled before any work was done on them having
to do with laboratory drug screening, research on brain concussion, and
research on biologically active materials to be tested through the skin on
human volunteers.
Now, as to how much new the recovered material adds to what has
previously been reported to the Church Committee and to Senator
Kennedy’s Subcommittee on Health on these topics, the answer is
additional detail, for the most part: e.g., the names of previously
unidentified researchers and institutions associated on either a witting or
unwitting basis with MKULTRA activities, and the names of CIA officials
who approved or monitored the various subprojects. Some new
substantive material is also present: e.g., details concerning proposals for
experimentation and clinical testing associated with various research
projects, and a possibly improper contribution by CIA to a private
institution. However, the principal types of activities included have, for
the most part, either been outlined to some extent or generally described in
what was previously available to CIA in the way of documentation and
was supplied by CIA to Senate investigators. For example:
Financial disbursement records for the period 1960-1964 for 76 of the 149
numbered MKULTRA subprojects had been recovered from the Office of
Finance by CIA and were made available to the Church Committee
investigators in August or September 1975.
The 1963 Inspector General report on MKULTRA made available to both
the Church Committee and Senator Kennedy’s Subcommittee mentions
electro-shock and harassment substances (pp. 4, 16); covert testing on unwitting U.S.
citizens (pp. 7, 10-12); the search for new materials through arrangements
with specialists in universities, pharmaceutical houses, hospitals, state and
federal institutions, and private research organizations (pp. 7, 9); and the
fact that the Technical Service Division of CIA had initiated 144
subprojects related to the control of human behavior between 1953-1963
(p. 21).
The relevant section of a 1957 Inspector General report on the Technical
Service Division was also made available to the Church Committee staff.
That report discusses techniques for human assessment and unorthodox
methods of communication (p. 201); discrediting and disabling materials
which can be covertly administered (pp. 201-202); studies on magicians’
arts as applied to covert operations (p. 202); specific funding mechanisms
for research performed outside of CIA (pp. 202-203, 205); research being
done on “K” (knockout) material, alcohol tolerance, and hypnotism (p.
203); research on LSD (p. 204); anti-personnel harassment and
assassination delivery systems including aerosol generators and other
spray devices (pp. 206-208); the role of Fort Detrick in support of CIA’s
Biological/Chemical Warfare capability (p. 208); and material sabotage
research (p. 209). Much of this material is reflected in the Church
Committee Report, Book I, pp. 385-422. (See Appendix A, pp. 65-102).
The most significant new data discovered are, first, the names of
researchers and institutions who participated in the MKULTRA project
and, secondly, a possibly improper contribution by CIA to a private
institution. We are now in possession of the names of 185 non-government
researchers and assistants who are identified in the recovered material
dealing with the 149 subprojects. The names of 80 institutions where work
was done or with which these people were affiliated are also mentioned.
The institutions include 44 colleges or universities, 15 research
foundations or chemical or pharmaceutical companies and the like, 12
hospitals or clinics (in addition to those associated with universities), and
3 penal institutions. While the identities of some of these people and
institutions were known previously, the discovery of the new identities
adds to our knowledge of MKULTRA.
The facts as they pertain to the possibly improper contribution are as
follows: One project involves a contribution of $375,000 to a building
fund of a private medical institution. The fact that a contribution was made
was previously known; indeed it was mentioned in a 1957 Inspector
General report on the Technical Service Division of CIA, pertinent
portions of which had been reviewed by the Church Committee staff.
newly discovered material, however, makes it clear that this contribution
was made through an intermediary, which made it appear to be a private
donation. As a private donation, the contribution was then matched by
federal funds. The institution was not made aware of the true source of the
gift. This project was approved by the then DCI, and concurred in by
CIA’s top management at the time, including the then General Counsel
who wrote an opinion supporting the legality of the contribution.
The recently discovered documents give a greater insight into the scope of
the unwitting drug testing but contribute little more than that. We now
have collaborating information that some of the unwitting drug testing was
carried on in safehouses in San Francisco and New York City, and we
have identified that three individuals were involved in this undertaking as
opposed to the previously reported one person. We also know now that
some unwitting testing took place on criminal sexual psychopaths
confined at a State hospital and that, additionally, research was done on
knock-out or “K” drug in parallel with research to develop pain killers for
cancer patients.
These, then are the principal findings identified to date in our review of
the recovered material. As noted earlier, we believe the detail on the
identities of researchers and institutions involved in CIA’s sponsorship of
drugs and behavioral modification is a new element and one which poses a
considerable problem. Most of the people and institutions involved are not
aware of Agency sponsorship. We should certainly assume that the
researchers and institutions which cooperate with CIA on a witting basis
acted in good faith and in the belief that they were aiding their government
in a legitimate and proper purpose. I believe we all have a moral
obligation to these researchers and institutions to protect them from any
unjustified embarrassment or damage to their reputations which revelation
of their identities might bring. In addition, I have a legal obligation under
the Privacy Act not to publicly disclose the names of the individual
researchers without their consent. This is especially true, of course, for
those researchers and institutions which were unwitting participants in
CIA-sponsored activities.
Nevertheless, recognizing the right and the need of both the Senate Select
Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Subcommittee on Health to
investigate the circumstances of these activities in whatever detail they
consider necessary. I am providing your Committee with all of the names
on a classified basis. I hope that this will facilitate your investigation while
protecting the individuals and institutions involved. Let me emphasize that
the MKULTRA events are 12 to 25 years in the past. I assure you that the
CIA is in no way engaged in either witting or unwitting testing of drugs
Finally, I am working closely with the Attorney General and with the
Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare on this matter. We are making
available to the Attorney General whatever materials he may deem
necessary to any investigation he may elect to undertake. We are working
with both the Attorney General and the Secretary of Health, Education and
Welfare to determine whether it is practicable from this new evidence to
attempt to identify any of the persons to whom drugs may have been
administered unwittingly. No such names are part of these records, but we
are working to determine if there are adequate clues to lead to their
identification; and if so, how to go about fulfilling the Government’s
responsibilities in the matter


JEDI WISDOM — *Note: Do Not Fall 2 The Dark Side






In this dangerous era, a Jedi must always be prepared for conflict. 

To know where evil grows and permit it to flourish is to accept 
responsibility for all that follows. Sometimes you have to listen to the 
silence. And give yourself the time to understand. 

There is a thing inherent and natural, which existed before heaven and 
earth. Motionless and fathomless, it stands alone and never changes; it 
pervades everywhere and never becomes exhausted. It may be regarded as 
the creator of the universe. I do not know its name, I call it the 
Force, and I name it as supreme.

Don't you know that if you do evil, evil will come back to you? Out of 
the Great Void came the universe, its galaxies, star systems, and suns. 
Everything that exists, and will ever exist, was spawned from the 
primordial plasma of time's beginning. Over billions of years planets 
formed and life arose through a steady progression of increasingly 
complex organisms. Woven into and intertwined with all of this --- from 
the smallest molecule to the largest star --- was the Force. As 
civilizations grew upon these newly formed planets --- newly formed on a 
celestial time scale, that is --- They began to sense, if only 
subconsciously at first, this mystical energy. Over the millennia the 
Force has been called by an uncountable number of names: The Unity, the 
Way, the Power, Magic. All hint at one aspect or another of the Force's 
all-encompassing presence, but none completely reflect its true nature. 
And perhaps none shall, for the Force defies explanation. At times it 
seems dualistic, yet it has no separate components. Most prominent among 
the contradictions is the fact that the Force has two aspects, the light 
and the dark, yet without one the other would cease to exist. For most 
people these concepts hang well out of reach, celestial nonsense better 
left unconsidered. But for the select few, the Force is everything.

The Jedi is a vessel for the channeling of the positive energies of the 
Force. This power is not something that is derived or conjured, however, 
but ever present in the universe.

Jedi minstrels, a group known for its epic storytelling. The minstrels 
prefer to weave their tales as if the occurrences were happening at that 
moment of the recounting.

The truth or falsity of any individual event will 
forever remain a mystery. Jedi stand for peace; they must use their 
weapons only as a last resort. Concentrate, Feel the Force flow. Not 
outside or inside, but part of all. Through the Force you may see many 
things. It reaches across time and space. Other places, the future, the 
past. Old friends long gone. Size does not matter. A Jedi seeks not to 
know the answers, but to understand the questions. To know is not what 
is important to a Jedi. Even to learn is not important. What is 
important is to study. There is a tale among us, a legend preserved by 
the old tellers from the farthest distance of our past . It is said that 
upon the edge of the Earth at the end of time stands a lone man who 
holds the meaning of it all . It is said that he has mastered all skill 
and prowess that we desire, all restraint and calm, and has become 
perfection --- passion and mastery like onto the poised grandeur of 
mountains. And it is said, should ever one of us seek him out . and 
contest with him, we will learn the measure of our worth, in defeat or 
triumph. Therefore we are a seeking people. In each heart among us beats 
a yearning for this test and the knowledge it offers. Yet the path, 
which leads to him, is unknown, has never been known. It is said that 
this path must not be known --- that it may only be found by one who 
knows without knowledge and has not come seeking the thing he seeks. You 
are that one. The Force is a Jedi's ally, and a powerful ally it is. 
Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. We 
are luminous beings . not this crude matter. You must feel the Force 
around you. A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious 
mind. A Jedi's strength flows from the Force. Don't give into hate. That 
leads to the dark side. We cling to many truths; most depend greatly on 
our own point of view. If you do not believe you will succeed. You will 
fail. Fear and confusion are some of the weapons of the Dark side. A 
Jedi must learn to sense the tension between the light and the dark. You 
must remain strong in your commitment. You must preserver, and you must 
always embrace the light side. Do not believe that you can experiment 
with the darkness and come away unscathed. The taint of the dark side 
will remain with you forever after, and the temptations to use that evil 
power will come all that more often and all that more strongly. I say 
these things not to scare you, nor to dissuade you from your training. 
On the Contrary, I wish only to make you stronger in the light by 
offering you the knowledge that so many before you spent their lives 
discovering. Remember that knowledge and the Force will always be your 
shield against the darkness. Do not resist the Role the Force wishes you 
to play, for things are not always what they seem. A Jedi must rely on 
introspection to discover his destiny rather then on outside 
intervention. A Jedi who tries with all his being never fails. It is the 
Jedi who gives up that fails --- Fails not only himself, but the Force 
as well. When you demand something of the Force. Then by your own 
actions, you have proven that you are not ready to commune with the 
Force. One must surrender oneself to the Force and allow it to decide 
your destiny. There is no difficulty. There is only Effort. He who knows 
others is wise; He who knows himself is enlightened. He who conquers 
others is strong; He who conquers himself is mighty. He who knows 
contentment is rich. He who keeps on his course with energy has will. He 
who does not deviate from his proper place will long endure. He who may 
die but not perish has longevity. The Force is our power and our ally; 
The Force has always been with us. That is its nature. It surrounds us 
and penetrates us. It binds the universe together. Those who become 
sensitive to its presence can learn to use it .. For good or for evil. 
Every action, every seemingly insignificant effort --- no matter the 
source --- influenced the future, intertwining and building upon one 
other to create a new state of the universe, which lasted in such 
equilibrium for less then a moment, when it is shattered by the next 
series of actions. A Jedi must learn many things among these things are 
the skills needed to control one's own inner Force. A Jedi with these 
skills learns mastery over the functions of his body and harmony with 
nature. A Jedi must also learn the skills needed to sense the Force in 
other things beyond the Jedi's own body. The Jedi learns to feel the 
bonds that connect all living things; this gives the Jedi the ability to 
understand how all things are interconnected. A Jedi must also learn the 
skills need to change the distribution and nature of the Force. A Jedi 
must learn how to move things with their mind, help others control their 
own Force, or change the Force in the Jedi's own Body, As well as change 
the perceptions of others and make them come to incorrect conclusions. 
Serenity allows a Jedi to view the universe in its true form rather then 
in the shaded perceptions that most others see it in. A wise man always 
walks with his head bowed. Evil began in a time before recorded history, 
when magicians made themselves into kings . and gods . using the power 
of the dark side of the Force. The weak-minded have ever been ready to 
obey one who wields great power. Those who learned the powers of the 
dark side were quick to exploit this weakness --- to make war. Again and 
again the dark side has surged forth, like a storm . devouring whole 
nations and entire civilizations. Those who mastered dark power became 
dark power. They unleashed destruction, for no other reason then selfish 
gain. Some of them, I am ashamed to say, were Jedi. The penetrating 
light dissolves the dark. The gentle wind disperses the gathering 
clouds, leaving the sky clear and serene. The tiny soft roots of the 
wood pierce the hardest rock, breaking up those dark intrigues, which 
shun the light of day. All the while, the whispering music of the wind, 
and the gradual uncurling of the leaves produce tranquility and peace, 
appearing soft, gentle, un-threatening. The results of gentle 
penetration by the wind are less striking then the effects of aggressive 
force, but more enduring and more complete. This principle, wielded by a 
Jedi, is powerful and irresistible. In this age of conflict, law and 
order is often enforced by those who fight only for pay, or by those who 
are willing to seek justice through force. Even after you have mastered 
the basic tenets of the Jedi Way, and you have learned many of its 
techniques, you have only taken the smallest of steps into a greater 
world. Much remains for you to experience. The Force possesses many 
subtleties that hide from the uninitiated, revealing themselves only 
after years of practice. These will come in time, but you must at least 
begin to prepare yourself for this part of the journey. One of the most 
important concepts to assimilate concerns the difference between the 
light and the dark aspects of the Force. Many foolishly believe that 
each is immediately recognizable. Here the light there the dark. But it 
is not so. The two have no separation --- you should not consider them 
distinct entities. What links these two sides of the force is a nebulous 
area of gray wherein the allegiance of any given person is not 
immediately apparent. The light and the dark stand at opposite ends of 
the spectrum, as beacons respectively. But the multitudes of people lie 
somewhere in the center, some leaning toward the light, others falling 
toward the dark. These are the people who must be protected, who must be 
shown compassion and understanding, who must be guided to the light. 
These are the people who can be brought together beneath our luminescent 
banner to help us defeat the dark side. A Jedi should realize that no 
one species be it humans or another is more important then any other. 
The world and the universe thrives on diversity; nature is but an 
amalgam of elements randomly assembled into finite entities, people, 
creatures, and objects that quickly fade and rise again in new forms. 
This concept, then, is the heart of all. It is the central tenet 
required to understand the universe. All is one, and one, therefore is 
all. Duality does not exist in this statement. This is how you must 
think. This is what guides you, what tells you how to conduct yourself. 
This is the Force, the energy that lives in everything, that is 
existence itself --- You must concentrate on gaining understanding in 
this concept. It may seem impossible. Many Jedi, even some of the 
greatest Masters, will devote years to this very issue. Do not give up. 
Some Jedi can actually speak with animals, forming a bond with them that 
can often be unnerving to those who can't. The Jedi is guided by what he 
feels and not by what he sees. The hard and strong will fall. The soft 
and weak will overcome. The truth often sounds paradoxical. So-called 
"sentience" does not equate with importance in the structure of nature. 
All creatures --- no matter their size, no matter their intelligence, no 
matter their station --- all beings in this universe have the same 
impact on this very moment. If a ladybug in Vermont flaps its wings, a 
star two dozen light-years away may erupt in a spectacular supernova. 
This is how closely bound all entities are. Remember what you have heard 
so many times before: the Force penetrates all existence and links it 
together, making every element dependent on every other element. You 
must bear this concept in mind whenever you come to a crossroads. Let 
this understanding guide you; let the Force grant you the wisdom to 
choose the correct path. Though what is about to be said may seem 
obvious at first, listen closely for the true meaning behind and within 
the words. Somewhere therein lies important understanding. As 
civilization advances, its technology becomes more intricate, enabling 
sentient life to break through one boundary after another. First 
learning to traverse the world on beasts. But eventually each society 
develops machines that can propel its members over land and liquid, or 
high above the planets surface through the atmosphere. These vessels now 
bring members of those civilizations together into a single community, 
where ideas and beliefs may be shared. Unfortunately, so, to, does war 
erupt between some that would never have meet had they remained confined 
to their native lands. Notice that technology in itself does not possess 
good or evil. It does not have a light or dark nature. Those who use 
these devices may cause a vehicle, a ship, or even a weapon to seem to 
belong to one side of the Force or the other, but rarely do these items 
contain such an essence. This distinction is one of the keys to 
unlocking the secret of existence; remember it well. A Jedi always takes 
advantage of the tools at hand. The ways of the dark side are often 
subtle and deceptive, so those who cling to the light must constantly be 
on guard. Many technological devices can aid in this task, especially 
those involving communication and healing. There are weapons, as well 
--- but these must be used only in times of dire need when lives hang in 
the balance and the Jedi must engage in battle to stave off the dark 
side. As a Jedi you may be appointed the guardian of a system. Anyone of 
the countless systems in use. To effectively watch over your charge, you 
must understand it, as well as its history and its functions. You must 
come to know the systems as well as you know yourself. If not, your 
efforts will be wasted. So how are you to know which system to research? 
Study them all. While a Jedi may be a force for peace he must remain 
vigilant against evil. Many people who do not take the time to 
investigate it thoroughly too often reject the Jedi Way, all to quickly. 
Its growth-orientation, instinct-to-spirit spectrum, and transpersonal 
nature earn it instant dismissal because it is seen as "too mystical" or 
"The foolish fancy of those who are to heavily influenced by a series of 
films." Also the fact that it is a tradition that must be experienced 
--- it cannot be learned from books. Cause many who are unwillingly to 
take the leap required of them to realizing this psychology in their 
lives frequently attack it in word and print with remarkable lack of 
understanding. The Jedi have been, and continue to be, widely 
misunderstood and viciously attacked due to their insights into the 
nature of reality and their creativity. It is one of those unfortunate 
facts of life that insight and creativity have never been welcomed by 
societies at large; the majority of people seem to prefer, instead, 
theories and lifestyles that imprison them. It is easier to live within 
the dictates of someone else's philosophy than live with the fear 
incurred through developing freedom, individuality, and personal wisdom. 
The more you rely on technology to do the work for you, the farther you 
get from the essence of the creative power of your own channeled 
intentions. Be aware that technology can blind you to perceptions of 
broader realities. As a Jedi you must learn to control your emotions. 
This does not mean to ignore them. On the contrary, you should make 
certain to understand how you are feeling at all times. Your task is to 
observe these thoughts and emotions, not to blindly act on them. Step 
back for a moment from the cage that is your corporeal existence. Enter 
the vastness of the Force, where all beings and objects exist as one. 
There you will discover the answers to all your queries, where you will 
find guidance, where you will finally recognize your role in the 
universe. Throughout the adventures of your limited life you must always 
come to this place to find the true path, the way of light. Few beings 
receive the Force's call to join the Jedi, this band of scholars, 
healers, and warriors. And of those who begin the journey, only a 
dedicated few eventually become full-fledged Jedi. Premonitions and 
Visions: Some Jedi experience premonitions, dreams and visions. 
Sometimes these events seem to be little more than random, 
impressionistic images, but at other times they are crystal clear 
glimpses of past, present, or possible future events. There will be much 
debate as to the cause of these phenomena --- perhaps it's the Jedi's 
subconscious at work, or perhaps it's simply a different way of sensing 
tremors in the Force --- but these occurrences can warn a Jedi of 
impending danger or summon the Jedi to "crisis areas" where their unique 
abilities are needed. The Jedi Way is more then just a system of 
techniques for controlling, sensing, and altering the Force. It is a 
philosophy of existence in which the individual sees his true nature as 
a part of a larger whole. The Jedi seeks to live in harmony with the 
universe, focusing on discipline and awareness to reach his goal. Many 
are the temptations to grasp at ephemeral equilibriums, to create 
conflict between nature and the mind, to fall onto easier paths. This 
the Jedi strives to avoid at all costs, no matter how dear. A Jedi 
should focus his efforts on creating harmony between all beings. They 
detest violence of any sort; reluctantly engaging in combat only after 
all other attempts at conflict resolution have failed. A Jedi must 
always act from a position of peace and understanding, never out of fear 
or anger. Using the Force for selfish purposes --- self-gain, egotism, 
even convenience --- crosses the boundary between the light and the dark 
sides. A Jedi must not allow evil to take place once they become aware 
of its working. To remain aloof in situations where a Jedi's 
intervention would prevent the dark side from attaining another foothold 
is the same as helping it do so. A Jedi must constantly be wary of his 
path, making certain he does not stray toward the dark side, but remains 
firm in the light. While the dark side does not outclass the light side 
in any way, it does offer a seemingly quicker --- yet more costly --- 
path to power. The dark side thrives on black thoughts, words, and 
actions, inducing beings to engage in such wickedness in exchange for 
ability to wield the Force to commit subsequent evil acts. Often the 
darkness manifests itself in a subtle way to mask its presence from an 
individual as it coaxes him to stray further from the light. Only after 
the being has performed the act does the dark side reveal itself, 
pointing out how simple and easy power comes to those who fulfill its 
wishes. With such black-hearted deeds, the being steps further down the 
path to full immersion in the dark side, losing most of his former self 
in the process. Remember we ALL have darkness within us. It is what 
makes us living beings, bound by the Force. We can never brush that 
darkness away. It is within us always. We can only learn to control it, 
like a dangerous beast that must be kept upon a chain. The first goal of 
a Jedi is to maintain order and further the cause of peace. 

Being a Jedi 
will not be an easy thing. Though the very name conjures images of 
gallant heroism, Jedi themselves do what they must for the good of all 
life. Neither embracing adventure nor avoiding it, Jedi bring peace and 
justice wherever beings have lost their way. Jedi wield the energy they 
call the Force. They use it to perceive and affect the world around them 
in ways incomprehensible to others. The Jedi should be a defender and 
protector of justice. By his example, belief in the Force will be 
accepted if not always understood. There are some beings attuned to the 
Force. Whether they understand it or not, they can feel the Force 
flowing through them. Of those that are sensitive to the Force, Any who 
study it's ways can learn to manipulate its energy. The Jedi fall into 
this category, using their knowledge of the Force to give them their 
powers. But they are not the only ones. Understanding of the Force 
manifests in many ways. Even those who don't believe in the Force and 
aren't particularly attuned to its flow can call upon the Force without 
understanding what they are doing. When a stroke of amazing luck occurs, 
or fate seems to be on their side and helps them accomplish a difficult 
objective, it is the force coming to their aid. A Jedi is aware, but he 
does not waste time in mindless contemplation. When action is required, 
a Jedi Acts. It is a foolish Jedi who thinks he has the strength of 
character to walk the path of the dark side and not be touched by it; 
that he can use the power of the dark side for the benefit of the 
universe. The deep subconscious of a Force-sensitive person is shielded 
by a protective barrier, which prevents another Force wielder from 
penetrating his or her inner mind. This shield pushes violently back at 
the intruder. This "shield" is an involuntary defense mechanism 
maintained by every Force-sensitive person. The magnitude of the 
backlash generated by the shield depends on the person's strength in the 
Force. The dark side philosophy is very different from the Jedi Code. 
Whereas a Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, a dark side 
user uses the Force to bend the universe to his will. The Jedi 
manipulates the Force passively, while in a state of calm and control. 
The dark side user gives himself over to his passions, and channels the 
Force by harnessing the power of anger, fear, hate, love, and jealousy. 
To use any dark side power is to relinquish any claim to call oneself a 
Jedi. Even the minor powers of the dark side are extremely dangerous for 
Jedi to use. Since they lead to the darkness. While it is true that a 
Jedi uses his power only for defense, never for attack, it is equally 
true that a Jedi must nevertheless prepare with great vigilance, for 
only the Force knows when you may face your greatest battle. The Force 
is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all 
living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us. It binds the galaxy 
together. The mysterious energy field known as the Force permeates the 
universe. It is created by life, found everywhere, a part of everything. 
It lies beyond that which can normally be perceived, yet a few beings 
know how to feel its ebb and flow. With practice and study, Jedi learn 
to manipulate that energy, gaining control over life, thought and 
matter. The Force is the foundation of the beliefs of the Jedi. A Jedi's 
aim is not to encourage fighting but to minimize it and curtail it. A 
Jedi who kills innocent people, causes unnecessary or gratuitous injury, 
or uses the Force while angry or hateful is already well on his path to 
being a servant of the dark side. The Force is an essential part of 
nature --- like energy or matter --- but it has yet to be quantified and 
analyzed. The Force is not to be understood in the same manner as the 
physical qualities of the universe. The laws of physics are observable; 
technology is predictable and readily controlled. The Force is neither 
controlled nor controlling --- it is a part of life itself; asking if it 
controls or can be controlled is like asking if a person controls his 
component cells or if they control him. It is not known whether the 
Force has always been, came about as life evolved into intelligence, or 
if it coerced the evolution of intelligence. To the Jedi, it does not 
matter. It's enough to know that the Force is. Even those who don't 
believe in the Force can unconsciously manipulate it and be manipulated 
by it. They may not be truly "Sensitive" to its flow, but they still 
call upon the Force without even realizing. These people seem to have an 
almost unnatural ability to accomplish their objectives, whether their 
intent is good or evil, or somewhere in between. The skeptical call it 
luck. The unbelievers may call it destiny or fate. It is the Force. A 
Call to Action: A Jedi cannot allow evil to occur by inaction --- A Jedi 
who voluntarily stands by and allows evil to be committed is encouraging 
the forces of darkness. Jedi are bound by the actions of those around 
them. It is not acceptable for a Jedi to associate with those who 
willfully commit evil. When a Jedi is confronted by a situation where 
evil is being committed, the Jedi must act to prevent that evil. There 
are a variety of means at the Jedi's disposal --- persuasion, creating a 
distraction, armed action or simple mind tricks --- but intervention is 
necessary. Tremors in the Force: The Jedi lives in harmony with the 
Force, sensing its flow, drawing upon its energies . and sometimes 
perceiving "disturbances" and "presences" in that flow. The actions of 
others can cause disturbances in the Force. A lone individual's 
impression might be like a candle flickering in the wind, while a great 
tragedy or act of great good may be like a sudden burst of lightning. 
Those who manipulate the Force often and with great power shine like the 
light of a sun. Each time a Jedi draws on the Force, there is a slight 
tremor as the Force is subtly altered. If the Force is used sparingly 
and with harmony in the natural order of things, such tremors are slight 
and barely detectable even at close ranges. Those who frequently use the 
Force cause many, many tremors. When the Force is relied upon --- used 
constantly to bend the universe to fit the will of the user --- such 
tremors may be great enough that Jedi even at great distances may detect 
them. Those who use the Force as a crude instrument of power are very 
likely to come to the attention of others. New Jedi students are 
particularly likely to be detected. In their desire to master their 
powers, they often manipulate the Force . yet their dabbling, if to 
frequent, draw the attentions of other nearby Force-users. The dark side 
is perhaps the greatest threat a Jedi can face. It's always lurking in 
the shadows, a quick and easy temptation for an undisciplined Jedi 
filled with anger and frustration. The Jedi must be honorable and noble 
since Force-sensitives who act ambiguously are easily corrupted to the 
dark side. A Jedi does not grasp at power. A Jedi is not a dominator, 
nor an oppressor. To grasp for power is to abandon the ways of the 
Force. Such a one ceases to know the Force, except in his dark side. To 
grasp at power is to take up the path that leads to destruction. The 
Dominator is the enemy, yes. But the Jedi does not use the dark side of 
the dominator against him. Thinking is closer to trying then doing. 
Changing the future has got to require action, not just planning for 
action. While a Jedi acts in defense and not out of aggression, that 
doesn't mean aggressively putting a defense into place is bad. Everyone 
is equal because the Force is in everyone. Jedi should not reject or 
look down or up to anyone because of social class, race, and creed 
because these things are artificial and because they stop the Jedi from 
seeing others as the Force sees them. In all matters success depends on 
preparation; without preparation there will always be failure. When what 
is to be said is previously determined, there will be no difficulty 
determined, there will be no occasion for vexation. When general 
principles are previously determined there will be no perplexity to know 
what to do.


What is meant by "making the will sincere" is that one should not 
deceive oneself. This sincerity should be like the sincerity with which 
we dislike a bad smell or love what is beautiful. This is called 
satisfying your own conscience. Therefore a Jedi is watchful over 
himself even when he is alone. People usually lose their sense of 
judgment toward those whom they love, toward those whom they despise or 
dislike, toward those whom they fear, toward those whom they pity and 
towards those whom they pamper or are proud of. Therefore, there are few 
people in this world who can see the bad in those whom they like and see 
the good in those whom they dislike. As Jedi we seek to overcome these 
habits in ourselves. Thus seeing the truth in all people. A Jedi first 
searches himself before he demands it of others, and makes sure first 
that he himself is not a transgressor before he finds transgressions in 
others. Jedi should try to avoid completely four things: Arbitrariness 
of opinion, dogmatism, narrow-mindedness and egotism. It is difficult to 
see examples of true Jedi. Everybody errs a little on the side of his 
weakness. Therefore it is easy for others to point out the shortcomings 
of those who follow the Jedi way. Then it is to point out their good 
qualities. Humility is near to moral discipline; simplicity of character 
is near to the Jedi Way; and loyalty is near to sincerity of heart. If a 
man will carefully cultivate these things in his conduct, he may still 
err a little, but he won't be far from the standard of the Jedi Way. For 
with humility or pious attitude, a man seldom commits errors; with 
sincerity of heart, a man is generally reliable; and with simplicity of 
character, he is usually generous. You will seldom make a mistake if you 
use these points to begin from. A Jedi has no worry and no fear. For if 
he looks within himself and is sure that he has done right in all 
things, what does he have to fear or worry about? A Jedi should be 
ashamed if his words are better then his actions. If you have the 
insight to perceive a truth, but not the wisdom to keep to it, you will 
lose it again, though you have discovered it. A Jedi Knight must Remain 
Focused. Mastery of the Force requires that one purge all unnecessary 
activities from daily life. A monk cannot fulfill the Jedi Way if he 
does not manifest compassion without and persistently store up courage 
within. And if a warrior does not manifest courage on the outside and 
hold enough compassion within his heart to burst his chest, he cannot 
become a Jedi. Therefore, the monk pursues courage with the warrior as 
his model, and the warrior pursues the compassion of the monk. A Jedi 
Knight seeks excellence in all endeavors, martial and otherwise, seeking 
strength to be used in the service of justice, rather than in personal 
aggrandizement. A Jedi strives to excel physically, mentally, 
emotionally and spiritually, and can put these in motion instantly. This 
requires discipline, patience and perfect practice, for a Jedi is always 
mindful of what lies behind and what lies ahead. 

Being a Jedi Knight often means choosing the more difficult path, the 
personally expensive one. Be prepared to make personal sacrifices in 
service of the precepts and people you value. At the same time, a Jedi 
Knight should seek wisdom.This also means taking the side of truth in 
all matters, rather than seeking the expedient lie. Seek the truth 
whenever possible, but remember to temper justice with mercy, for the 
pure truth can bring grief. However, it must also be noted that to a 
Jedi, to be brave in battle proves nothing, as bravery itself proves 
nothing. A Jedi should be prepared to put aside fear, regret, and 
uncertainty and either act, retreat, surrender or perish.

Value first the contributions of others; do not boast of your own 
accomplishments, let others do this for you. Tell the deeds of others 
before your own, according them the renown rightfully earned through 
virtuous deeds. In this way the office of Jedi Knighthood is well done 
and glorified, helping not only the gentle spoken of but also all who 
call themselves Jedi Knights.

Seek great stature of character by holding to the virtues and duties of 
a Jedi Knight, realizing that though the ideals cannot be reached, the 
quality of striving towards them ennobles the spirit, growing the 
character from dust towards the heavens. Nobility also has the tendency 
to influence others, offering a compelling example of what can be done 
in the service of rightness.

It is true that actions speak louder than words. However, behind every 
action is motive and a purpose. Without a sound motive and purpose, 
action has no meaning, no destination, and lacks a foundation. Action 
without motive and purpose does nothing other than to move for the sake 
of moving, beating the air to appear to doing something, when in fact is 
doing nothing, the proverbial spinning wheels in the mud. A Jedi moves 
with the Force. He meditates upon the Will of the Force. A Jedi's 
actions are firmly based upon a deep motivation to serve the Force of 
Light, and is deeply rooted in purpose. There is no wasted movement, or 
the need for action when none is required, for to a Jedi, action means 
nothing without a pure motive, or a sound purpose. A Jedi's mind is a 
calm ocean, like a sea of glass. He realizes that it is in conquering 
the tides of the emotions as well as reactions to stimulus that allows 
the Jedi to be victorious in all things, for he is vessel for the Force, 
an extension of the Will of the Force. This inner stillness requires 
much discipline: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. A 
Jedi by nature is highly disciplined in all levels of his being, that in 
the fiery moment where the Force must be released to defend self or 
others who deserve that loyalty, the action is a clear extension of many 
years of training and inner discipline. It is sometimes necessary for a 
Jedi to practice discretion. Jedi do not actively interfere with the 
lives of the common people. Jedi stand for order and justice; however, 
Jedi prioritize and streamline their involvement, and do not allow the 
misdeeds of the few to interfere with the conscious direction received 
as to the Will of the Force and how their office as Jedi helps brings 
these into fruition. The goal of the Jedi should be to create and 
preserve an atmosphere where justice can flourish, rather than try to 
create justice themselves. A byword of Jedi could be, "I may not always 
agree with your choices, but I will defend your right to choose with my 
very life." Being a Jedi Being a Jedi involves a commitment within the 
person and a devotion to higher ideals. While a diplomat may choose the 
lesser of two evils or a scoundrel the more profitable of the two, a 
Jedi is held to a higher standard, and with his greater abilities comes 
increased responsibility. The Goal Of Peace The Jedi works first for 
peace, acting without consideration of costs to themselves or with an 
eye toward personal power or gain. Peace is not the result of a strong 
emotional drive (for emotions cloud the correct use of the Force) but 
rather a clear, dispassionate goal for the Jedi. Peace born of anger is 
no peace at all, and cannot last. Individual Jedi strive for the goal of 
peace without emotion both within and without. The Jedi works toward his 
goal with unflinching devotion, untroubled by strong emotions. As a 
result, powerful Jedi have a cool, detached demeanor that some mistake 
for apathy. Situations that challenge the Jedi often involve combat, 
particularly mindless combat for no clear purpose (this doesn't just 
mean physical combat). For a Jedi, peace is much more then a cessation 
of war. For a Jedi to meet this goal, he must look to root causes and 
complaints, and to deal with basic conflicts between the participants. A 
Jedi who wins the battle but sacrifices the ability to judge 
dispassionately has lost his own personal war. The Goal Of Knowledge 
Ignorance kills as surely as anger. A little knowledge might be 
dangerous, but a lack of knowledge is deadly. Ignorance of others, 
ignorance of facts, and ignorance of truth sets individuals apart and 
leads to contention and violence. A Jedi spreads knowledge that unifies, 
binding peoples and countries together. This knowledge begins with the 
Jedi knowing their own capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Pride 
can cloud the mind and make them blind to their own flaws, which might 
be exploted by others. Failure causes doubt, which causes the Jedi to be 
less capable of realizing their own strengths. Jedi continually test 
themselves to see where the limits of their abilities lie, not as a goal 
in itself, but as a means to the goal of better understanding 
themselves. The Goal of Serenity In striving for serenity, the Jedi 
seeks more then just remaining levelheaded in a crisis. He finds a calm 
place within, and then projects that inner peace outward to affect 
others by word and deed. This serenity grants the Jedi a firm resolve 
The center of serenity is moderation in all things. Excessive emotions, 
whether positive or negative, upset a Jedi's touch with the Force and 
create an imbalance within the self, similar to an imbalance within the 
Force. Challenges to a Jedi's serenity are many. The forces of the dark 
side always encourage the Jedi to give into hate, anger, and rage, and 
facilitate those feelings by giving the Jedi good reason to feel those 
emotions. Those close to the Jedi might be targets of attacks, or the 
ideals of the Jedi themselves might be sullied. The seduction of the 
dark side is more insidious, becuase less powerful or less positive 
emotions might be harnessed to provoke a rash action. Concern, 
affection, and even love can upset the balance of a Jedi's serenity and 
force the Jedi to choose between personal desires and the good of the 
Order. The Unity of the Force The Jedi Code represents the embodiment of 
the universal nature of the Force. The Jedi see themselves as the 
guardians of society, holding themselves to a high moral standard. They 
are role models, leading by example. The Jedi do not desire to rule, but 
rather wish to instruct so that society as a whole acts with greater 
justice and equality. The Force is not inherently good or evil. it has 
it's light side and it's dark side. It is a tool, and like any other 
tool it can be misused. Ignorance leads to improper use of the Force; 
the unwise use the Force emotionally. Incorrect use of the Force can 
lead to death and destruction. Only through proper training can the 
Force be justly applied. In addition, the Force is a necessary and vital 
part of the universe. Think of the Force as more than merely the means 
by which you gain skills and power. It is a metaphor for the universal 
nature of life itself, vibrant, dynamic, and dangerous. All Jedi are 
permeated by the Force, just as all beings are, but the Jedi are most 
aware of it. Events in one region might affect another, as if the 
universe were one interconnected being, with the Force as its blood and 
life. The Internal Journey A Jedi grows in power as he experiences the 
world, gaining more proficiency in combat and in applying the Force. In 
turn, the Jedi affects the world around him, spreading the doctrine of 
the Jedi Code and making the universe a better place for all. This 
external growth and effect, reflects an internal growth of the 
individual Jedi. As a person becomes more attuned to the Force, he is 
challenged to fully embrace the tenets of the Jedi Order. Every Jedi to 
the humblest student to the greatest Master has room to grow and 
develop. The nature of the universe is such that new challenges 
continually arise to test a Jedi, as he questions old assumptions and 
deals with new situations. When teaching Jedi, stress the internal 
development of the student. Often a Jedi may have to sacrifice personal 
desires or goals for the good of the greater number. Jedi must deal with 
their own self-denial for the good of others. The Challenge of 
Temptation Temptation poses the greatest threat to a Jedi, and the fall 
of a Jedi Knight often begins with one rationalized decision or errant 
choice. The nature of temptation provides a continual challenge for 
Jedi. Temptation takes myriad forms. The simplest urges the Jedi to 
provide an easy answer to a complex question. The answer might be 
immediately satisfying but creates long term problems. The arrest of a 
crime lord, for example, might be immediately fullfilling, but unless 
the crime lord's empire is also shut down, the arrest merely creates a 
situation in which another being will assume the crime lord's role. 
Usually after a bloody civil war within the group that almost always 
endangers countless innocent lives. Another form of temptation comes 
from power of adulation and the threat of success itself. Accepting 
personal rewards is dangerous for a Jedi, for it inspires belief in his 
own abilities that might exceed the truth. In effect the Jedi comes to 
believe his own hype. The Jedi should learn instead that true 
satisfaction comes from the sense of well-being within, not from the 
approval of others. A Third form of temptation is the nature of power 
itself. The Jedi should be a force for good, which keeps them from using 
their abilities to rule others. This is an extremly powerful temptation, 
becuase Jedi often face ignorance and folly in their daily lives. The 
Jedi can be tempted to deal with such folly (bureaucracy is particularly 
rife with it), yet once that kind of interference starts, it soon 
escalates to a point where a Jedi encourages the very ignorance he once 
fought against, in the name of ruling others "for their own best 
interest." Temptation starts small - using the Affect Mind skill to deal 
with a petty argument, losing your temper when making a point, taking 
pleasure in battle. From these small blemishes the corruption grows. 
Rising From The Ashes Would-be Jedi must understand that failure should 
never be the end. The Jedi Code places a heavy load on the Jedi, 
requiring almost superhuman abilities for them to accomplish all it's 
demands. In large and small ways, all Jedi eventually fail the 
challenges posed by the code in some way. They might feel anger or 
succumb to temptation. They might work against the balance of the Force, 
even with the best of intentions. They will fall from the high ideals 
they hold. The true failure of a Jedi is not stumbling or failing to 
live up to the ideals of the Order. The true failure occurs if, once 
having fallen, the Jedi fails to rise again. Many Jedi who have failed 
in one of their tasks consider themselves beyond redemption or 
forgiveness, and in doing so open themselves to the dark side. Jedi 
strive to live up to the Jedi Code and the teachings of their masters. 
When (not if, but when) a Jedi fails to attain those goals, the only 
choices are to let the failure dominate his life, or to rise from the 
ashes of that defeat and strive to make peace with himself through the 
Force. That is the way of the Jedi.

Life As A Jedi Knight

Upon completing his training, a Jedi apprentice becomes a Jedi Knight. 
His life suddenly loses a great deal of structure. He no longer lives 
and trains on his Teacher's schedule, though he might still cling to it 
out of habit. Instead, he stands ready to undertake any task that a Jedi 
can undertake, or resolve any problems that he discoveries on his own. 
In gaining this freedom and taking on responsibility, the Jedi Knight's 
life becomes considerably more complicated than when he was simply 
required to heed his Teacher's instructions and follow his advice. He 
gains a great deal of autonomy, but loses an equal amount of direction. 
The Teacher still has the responsibility to provide the newly titled 
Jedi Knight with a task, one that gives the new Knight time to adjust to 
his new status. For some Knights, this is a solo mission, not unlike the 
mission they might have taken at the culmination of their trials. They 
might be assigned to assist another Jedi Knight. Others recieve an 
appointment to an office within the Jedi hierarchy based on their skills 
and talents. They become archivists, researchers or other similar 
positions. Some might even help train their Teacher's new student as a 
primer for training their own, or go on a journey of discovery, during 
which he could find a place or a problem that needed a Jedi Knight. He 
might also join a group of others to help a noble cuase. Such a Jedi 
Knight has great autonomy. He might wander the world, lending his skills 
where they are needed. Alternatively, he can pursue a specific goal such 
as watching over a person or researching Jedi lore to it's completion, 
even if that means spending the rest of his life in one place. Such 
descion are subject to change if the Order has more important tasks for 
the Jedi Knight.

Training Duels

When Jedi need to practice their fighting skills, they call upon one 
another to duel. When they choose to use weapons capable of killing one 
another, Jedi must be careful not to seriously injure one 
another.Similarly, when a Jedi Teacher teaches an apprentice the art of 
combat, he must be mindful of not only his own attacks but those of his 
student, who might lack the control to attack without harm. Jedi in 
Training Duels check their attacks. Jedi also observe certain customs of 
dueling etiquette, both to preserve harmony and to guarantee the safest 
possible duels. Much of this thinking carries over into the day-to-day 
behavior of the Jedi Knights. Fighting Duels are for Practice, not for 
Resolving Disputes. The Jedi realize that temptation to solve problems 
with fighting is often very strong. especially for younger Jedi. Thus, 
this rule is generally the first imparted to a Jedi when his training 
begins. Never Endanger Bystanders The Jedi Teachers should sternly 
reprimand Jedi who duel in public, specifically becuase they wish to 
avoid accidents. The Duel Ends if Someone is Injured An injured Jedi who 
insists on continuing a duel might not be thinking clearly. Thus, the 
duel ends the moment one of the participants suffers a wound. 
Paradoxically, most Jedi do not consider wounding an opponent in a duel 
as a victory. Instead, it tells them that they have unconsciously wanted 
to injure their opponent, which is cause for meditation. A Jedi who has 
injured an opponent in a duel generally does not participate in a duel 
again until asked. Some even wait until the opponent they have injured 
asks for a duel. Always Honor a Request to End the Duel When a Jedi asks 
for the duel to end, it is considered good form to immediately do so. 
Customarily, the person who makes the request puts away his weapon or 
bows if in hand to hand fighting when he makes the request. However, 
some Jedi Teachers use this point as a test. They leave their weapon out 
to see whether their apprentices are unwise enough to lower their 
defenses against an armed opponent - even one they otherwise trust. 
Never Strike an Unarmed Opponent Jedi Consider armed attacks against an 
unarmed opponent possible evidence of the dark side's influence. Of 
course, the same thinking does not apply to unarmed attacks against an 
unarmed opponent. Never Strike an Opponent Who is Unprepared Even an 
armed opponent may not be ready for an assault, so the Jedi customarily 
indicate battle readiness either with a formal salute or by adopting an 
"on guard" stance. Any other stance indicates that the combatant is not 
prepared for combat, though he could still verbally indicate otherwise. 
A weapon held to one side and directed at the floor signifies the 
default "at rest" stance. Never Use the Force During a Duel Duels are a 
test of combat skill, not of proficiency with the Force. If a Jedi uses 
the Force against his opponent during a duel, it is taken as a sign of 
desperation. This provides a good reason to end the duel, before someone 
gets hurt. Unfortunately, the habit of not using the Force in combat 
practice sometimes works against the inexperienced Jedi It does not 
occur to them that their opponents might not respect this custom. 
Similarly, using the Force to improve fighting skills is allowed if both 
participants agree to such beforehand. Calling upon the Force however, 
is considered extravagant and disrespectful to the Force. When 
Practicing Armed Combat Un-Armed Combat Tactics are Considered Fair Game 
Despite the injunction against using the Force, other combat tactics are 
perfectly legal, since weapon combat involves more than simply 
exchanging blows. Jedi frequently employ rushing, disarms, knockdowns, 
and trips, though grapples are generally frowned upon. Attacking an 
opponent's weapon to try and destroy it is a gross sign of disrespect, 
since it damages the personal property of a fellow Jedi. Consequently, 
few Jedi resort to this tactic. Except in life-or-death struggles.

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